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Baseball and You

Remember guys you control your destiny.”Your ability is what you’re capable of doing.Motivation determines what you do.Attitude determines how well you do it” When I coach I have a standard,and it is a high standard.If you aim for perfection,you’ll reach greatness.If you aim for greatness,you’ll reach good.If you aim for good,you’ll reach average.Don’t lower that standard.

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Blog for Fall -Character Counts

086What do you think?Does competitive sports build character? I think the fair answer is:It depends on the coach.             

  Great coaches,coaches who care about their players as people and honor the traditional spirit of sport as the persuit of team and individual excellence,are inevitably character builders.They are,first and foremost,teachers who measure their success not in victories or records, but in their ability to help youngsters reach their highest potential.  

  Sure,they teach techniques and strategies,but by their words and actions they also teach vital,life skills and virtues like integrity,fairness,perserverance,courage,self-discipline and all the graces associated with good sportsmanship.The people they coach not only become better performers,they become better human beings,people you’d feel comfortable dating your own children.

  On the other hand,coaches who have a more narrow view of their role measure their success primarily in terms of their won/lost record or in the number of all-star players they produce,often do more harm than good.

   Under these coaches,players often become more selfish,self-absorbed,arrogant and unscrupulous in the persuit of personal glory and achievements.Even the coach doesn’t want to hang out with them.It’s no small danger to the future of our society and welfare of our  young players, that so many coaches fall into the second category.

  The recreational and educational goals of youth sports are too often undermined by volunteer as well as professional coaches,who are living out their own fantasies or advancing their own careers at the cost of character.

  Our youth deserve better and it’s the job of parents and school principles to see that they get it.             


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100_0434The Brewers program provides a character and academic based opportunity for student athletes interested in the persuit of high school and college preparatory baseball skills and academics.

The Ventura County Brewers an independent high school and college prep baseball program will be starting its 2017 Major league fall season in early July and running through November.Our 2017 fall program is targeted for pre-high school and high school players approximately17 and under who wish to succeed athletically at the high school level as preparation for future placement at the college and professional level.Tryouts will be conducted in mid-July.Players will be required to participate in one of two tryouts.

Both the Major and Minor league Brewers are made up of local high school and pre-High School players which are a close knit group of committed student athletes dedicated to the development of academic and athletic skills.Managed by former professional and UCLA player Rocky Hall,the program distinguishes itself by offering opportunities of college level practices along with a strong Fall Sunday league schedule.

The Brewers have formed strategic alliances with high school coaches tp provide opportunities for qualified players.The cost of the ten week program is designed to be affordable and assessible to those players dedicated to team concept and higher education.The Brewers,while maintaining a limited roster to assure quality of the program,have roster openings for the coming fall season.Since the Brewers is an academic and college preparatory baseball program,the coaches require all players to achieve a GPA of 3.0 or higher.Those interested in submitting an application may refer to the contact page.

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Minor League Team 14U

071The VC Brewers is forming a Minors Team for players 14 years and under. “The success of the scout team,allows us for the first time,to form a Minor Team with the present coaches. “The Minor Brewer Team is a great opportunity for the younger player to learn the fundamentals of the game the right way”said Manager Rocky Hall.Like the Scout team,the Brewers Minor Team will be governed by the same principles below..The brewers will be competing in the Camarillo spring league this march.


  • baseball fundamentals
  • Character formation
  • academic success

VC Brewer players are expected to do well in school, be of good character and demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the game of Baseball. Try-outs will be conducted in July for the upcoming 2017 Fall Season. Interested players and parents must first register on the website and will be notified of try-out times and locations. Registration for a try-out will begin on May 1st 2017.

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