Success Stories



Former brewers that have achieved their goals both in the classroom and on the field.Their success is a credit to hard work,dedication,and their Love for the game.


Former Brewer Nathan Roth who is now attending Doane College in Nebraska writes, “In my experience with the Brewers, I felt that my physical and mental abilities were raised to the point where I was ready for college baseball. Going into my freshman year, I felt I was much more prepared than the average incoming freshman and playing with Rocky and the Brewers were a big reason why.”

Jon Woodcock, now at  Virgina Tech.Univ: “It was a great time playing for the Brewers.  Rocky always picks a solid group of players that are both talented on the field and great people off the field as well.  We bonded so well as a team and this is why we did so well.  I always looked forward to playing with the Brewers because we always were competitive and it was also fun.”

Joseph Huthsing – Asusa Pacific Univ.  “The Brewers presented me with a great opportunity to help develop my skills and use them in a game setting situation when my high school season concluded.  The atmosphere was always positive and playing with the Brewers was extremely beneficial to my player development, especially in choosing a college.”

Taylor Hansen, now attending San Diego State writes, “Playing with the Brewers was a great experience.  I was able to have fun and play with guys that love the game and play the game correctly.  Rocky is a great coach who knows the game and knows how to get his guys to the next level.  Playing for the Brewers was an awesome experience and I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

Mark Fitzgerald – Moorpark College Baseball / Gordon College – “Playing for Rocky and the Brewers was the most fun I had as a player.  Rocky made sure the emphasis was on development and the proper way to approach the game, and not about winning.  Rocky ensured we were focused on the mental approach as well as the physical aspect of the game.  For me personally, I would not have been able to take my game to the collegiate level without the help of Rocky Hall and the Brewers’ program.  For any student of the game who desires to better his game, the Brewers are your team.  Thank you, Rocky, for making a difference!”

Reed Nothwang 2012 Cal Lutheran commit “The Brewers are always a fun team to play with. It is a good group of guys that compete with some really good teams.The Brewers gave me many opportunities to play in front of many college coaches and scouts”

Kevin Minjares 2012 University of Oregon commit “It was first through the Brewers that I got my first chance to play shortstop.Rocky and the Brewers gave me my first opportunity to play shortstop, and I’am very appreciative.Playing with the Brewers was a great time and our team was very competitive which made me ready for College.Thankyou coach Rocky,for believing in me!”

Patrick Bower Westmont College “Playing for the Brewers and Coach Rocky was the best time of my Baseball career. As you play for the Brewers, you not only learn a great deal but you have fun while your playing.I played for the Brewers for five years and all of my teams were competitive both in an,d around the county as well as Arizona.”

Parker Hindle Camarillo High School, Cuesta College. Playing for the Brewers gave me the fundamentals to achieve success both on and off the field.I learned a ton playing for Coach Rocky and the Brewers.I especially remember our championship summer playing in the Jim Colburn League.I had a blast with the Brewers and the coaches did a great job preparing me for my future.

Issac Horigan  Northwestern college, Playing with Coach Rocky and the Brewers gave me a great foundation for playing in College.Taking my game from high school to College was a big step but playing for the Brewers prepared me every step of the way.

Hector Quintero Ventura College, Playing with the Brewers for two years was a great and growing experience. Being under Coach Rocky’s guidance not only improved my on field abilities, more importantly, my overall life perspective and outlook into today’s endeavors.

Jacob Bravo  Univ.of Oregon committ “Thankyou coach Rocky.You have helped me in so many ways.How to play the game right and always believing in me.Starting out in high school playing with the Brewers,was a great learning experience and you prepared me for high school.It was great having you in my corner and to learn from you.”